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We want the truth. In our relationships, in our work situations, in our dealings with other people, in our governments, and I could go on and on, we just want the truth. We want to know what we’re dealing with and we’re ready to take it on the chin. Today’s Daily Quote is from Charles Seymour, an American historian, and President of Yale University for a while, who was born on January 1, 1885. He said the following:

We seek the truth and will endure the consequences.

This morning, on this first day of 2013, I woke up to all this Fiscal Cliff stuff in America. I thought about all the countries all over the world dealing with their own dramas and traumas right now. As citizens of these countries, and the world, we want the truth. Most of us, however, don’t believe we’re actually getting it. How about for this year you just turn off the news? If something important happens, you will hear about it. Why do you watch the news? Why do you read the paper? What emotions do you have after you watch that you did not have before you watched? I’m not saying be an ostrich and stay uniformed, but you’re not getting the truth anyway.

In your relationships, no matter what kind, why not start off this year giving and asking for the truth. We want the truth from the people we love and have around us. We want to know that we can trust them. We want to know that when they tell us something, it’s bankable. If you do not have that in your current relationships, you may want to spend some time finding out why.

I propose we all stand in our power and in the truth this year, and every year after. Will you join me?

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