We Cannot Change The Past Says Psychic Elizabeth

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We all know we cannot change the past. We all know what is done is done. Even though we know it fully, we still sit around thinking about things we wish wouldn’t have happened, or things that we wish we could change. Today, in 1533, my heroine, Queen Elizabeth I, was born. She said the following quote:

The past cannot be cured.

Queen Elizabeth I’s life was one of constant struggle and change. She was born to a man who didn’t want her. Her Mother was executed. Elizabeth was stripped of her title, called a bastard and exiled. Then she was brought back by a loving step-mother and reinstated into court. All of this happened before she was 15 years old. The one constant thing she had was education. Her Father wanted her educated and she actually became the best educated  woman on the entire planet. The fact that we cannot change the past is something that Elizabeth must have realized very early in life. She turned her attentions to creating the best Queen and the best Kingdom that she could create.

When Elizabeth did take the throne, she was not given the same levels of respect that she would have been given if she were born a man. She had to fight extra hard. She also saw everyone in her life betray her. So she married England, called herself the Virgin Queen and went about becoming one of the best monarchs England has ever known.

We cannot change the past. We sure can change the future. Queen Elizabeth I learned to ride the tides of change in her life. She never quit. She never gave up. She found more resolve, more strength, put her head down and found a way. For today, let’s do the same thing. Let’s use Elizabeth’s resolve and tenacity. I would venture to say not a one of us has anything close to the same set of circumstances to conquer that Queen Elizabeth I had around her. If she can do it, we can do it. You cannot change the past so what do you want for your future? Put your focus there.


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