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Please turn off the news. Please walk away from the television set. I, by no means, want you to be uninformed. I do, however, want you to live a happy, abundant, prosperous, joy-full life. You cannot be absorbed in, speaking of, worrying about and viewing with your eyes horrific events and be the latter. It’s just not possible.

I understand that there have been some horrific events happening all over our globe as of late. There have been, in reality, since we humans first inhabited earth. You feeling awful over the events, discussing them with everyone around you, posting on social networking, etc. is not helping you feel better is it? It’s not making you feel safer is it?

What we focus on and feel on the most is what we get more of, every single time, no matter what. How does that fact affect what you’ve been pumping into your consciousness over the last week or so? Is this what you want in your life? Do you want more of this to focus on and feel on? Do you want it happening even closer to you, your home, and / or your family so you can be affected even more deeply? Then turn off the news. Walk away from it. Stop talking about it.

Focus on what you want in your life. Focus and speak on what is good and what makes you feel love and joy. You cannot bring back the dead. You cannot heal the hurt. No matter how much news you watch, or speak of, you cannot fix what has happened. You can, however, help the healing process by focusing on love, joy and peace in your world. Commit a random act of kindness today. Do something nice for someone that makes you feel good. Turn off the news, go outside and play. Do something wonder-full to improve your mood. The best way to help this wounded and broken world is to love and laugh. The more of that we pump into the vortex, the happier this world will be. It’s just how it works.

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