Today’s Quote – October 19, 2014

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Today’s quote may take re-reading a few times. You may have to let it sink into your consciousness. We are so raised to use our heads, logic and to stop day dreaming. So many people live, in the world, by those “rules”. However, these same people live a completely different life in their heads. Our quote is from Leigh Hunt, the English writer who was born October 19, 1784. He said:

There are two worlds: the world we measure with line and rule, and the world that we feel with our hearts and imagination.

I, personally, love living from the inside out. I love living the life that I first create in my head and then see come to the outer world. I have always been a day dreamer. I’m the kid in class who would be staring out the window lost in some amazing adventure. Then the teacher would call my name, a few times, before I snapped back to reality with that blank look of “I didn’t the question” on my face.

I would create things in my childhood that manifested in my adulthood. Some of things were great and some were not so great. Today’s quote reminds us that we have two worlds to choose from or we can choose both. We can live by line and rule, as Mr. Hunt states. We can live in from our hearts and imagination as well. We don’t have to choose one or the other.

What do you really want? What life do you really want to lead? What is your perfect outcome to the situation you are now facing? Use today’s quote as a guide. Use your imagination to bring it to the outside world as well. Live your life. Don’t stop going to work, getting out of bed, eating, etc.. However, focus on the inner world more than you do the outer world. See the outcome in your head. Day dream. Live from that outlook. Yes, I’m doing the Law of Attraction stuff again. It works. Try it. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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