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This is the time of year when we all need to remember to just breathe. Most people have a crazy hectic schedule. There are parties, shopping, dinners, phone calls, visits, and expectations all around. Plus, if we’re truly blessed, we have a job to go to as well.

Some people are so sad at this time of year that they stay busy or hide themselves away to prevent having to see all the “happy happy joy joy” stuff around them. It’s truly hard for those people to be surrounded by all this merriment.

Whichever category you fall in to, you need to remember to take a few moments to yourself every day. David Cameron said the following:

Christmas gives us the opportunity to pause and reflect on the important things around us – a time when we can look back on the year that has passed and prepare for the year ahead.

It’s just so important that we take some time to sit back, reflect, and and just breathe. We can get so caught up in our emotions of this time of year that we forget to coddle ourselves. So, all together now…INHALEEEEEEEEEE. EXHALEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Repeat.

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