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Things do not change; we change. Henry David Thoreau said that back in the mid-1800’s. Are you spending time trying to make someone in your life change? Are you trying to make a relationship or situation shift to better suit you? Do you realize fully that things do not change; we change?

I deal with this concept every day practically. Clients and/or friends will come to me and wanting to know how to change Lover so that client/friend is happy in the relationship. That just is not possible. First off, Lover told you who they were and what they could give you at the very beginning of the relationship. You chose not to listen. You chose, instead, to listen to your head/logic saying things like, “well maybe things can change” or “I’ll figure out a way to make it work because Lover is cute”. Now that things are exactly where Lover said they would be, you want Lover to change. Things do not change; we change. We cannot change people. We cannot change situations. The ONLY things we can change are how we react to things that happen around us and our thoughts. We are the only one thinking our thoughts, we are the only ones who can change them.

What do you do from this point you ask? Sit down and look at the situation very realistically. If you want a 24/7 commitment, and Lover is not prepared to do that, is this really working for you? If you want that promotion and the Boss keeps telling you they are not promoting any time soon, is that job really what you want? Things do not change; we change. You can choose to walk away from a relationship, job, living environment, or friendship that just is not working for you. I know the fear that you will fail miserably is very strong. It is not real. It’s just a fear. When we choose to better ourselves, the Universe works with us. Lets all sit down and revamp our Wish Lists. Lets look clearly at our lives. You CAN have what you want. You just have to ask for it!

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