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The way you react to things that happen in your life very often determine how those things actually turn out. Do you freak out? Do you sit around worrying? Do you just blow stuff off? Do you just not care? Today’s Daily Quote is from the American author, Ellen Glasgow. She was deeply involved in the changes in the South. She marched for suffrage. She made the women in her novels the heroines of the stories. She said the following:

What happens is not as important as how you react to what happens.

For today, let’s keep a close eye on our reactions. I think we all know the type of people who make things worse by their reactions. We also know people who always make things seem easier or better by the way that they react. Freaking out, ignoring, worrying, or, as Iyanla Vanzant calls it, awfulizing has never helped any situation.

The way you react to things that happen to you today, and every day after this, very often determines the outcome of those happenings. For today, I choose to stop, take a deep breath, and choose how I am going to react to the things that happen around and to me. I choose to allow the Universe to guide me in my actions and reactions. Like Ellen Glasgow said in our quote, the actual event is often not as important as our reaction or what our reaction causes. Will you please join me?

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