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We are in some exciting times. We are seeing changes globally from technological advances to people opening more and more to Spirit. The next new moon falls on January 1, 2014. To me, that is such a good omen for the coming year.

The new moon always signifies new beginnings, fresh starts, clean slates, and all things like that. The best day to visualize and create what you really want is on the new moon days. The fact that we start a new year, when everyone is making resolutions anyway, on this new moon amazes me. The last time we had this happen was 19 years ago. It doesn’t happen often!! That’s for sure.

Will you please join me on the 1st during the next new moon in spending some time really focusing on what you want 2014 to bring? Focus on what you want to build upon, change, alter, grow, gain, or lose. Lots of people actually do new moon rituals. You can get into a very sacred space, close your eyes, breathe, relax and focus on what you want. You can write those things on pieces of paper and either burn them and blow the ashes to the wind or leave the pieces of paper in your windowsills overnight. Whatever feels good to you, please do it! We all get a “do over” with no strings attached. I, personally, am going to take advantage of this fortuitous cycle!

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