Do You Know Where To Seek Your Help? Psychic Elizabeth Asks

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Do you know where to seek your help? Do you know where to find what you need? Do you even know how to ask for help? I so many people who refuse to ask for help no matter how dire the situation is at hand. Today’s Daily Quote is from Marcia Wallace, the American actress. She said the following:

I asked for help, which is the hardest thing in the world.

Marcia knew if you need it, you have to seek your help for yourself by asking for it. For today, let’s make sure we are asking for what we need when we need it. The worst that someone can say is, “No, I am not going to help you.”. The best thing that can happen is that we get our load lightened. Let’s be brave, get past our egos or whatever it is stopping us, and speak up. Seek your help when you need it. Speak up and ask for it. Let’s see if today feels better than any other day when we needed help but did not seek it.

It IS really hard to ask for help for lots of people. Once you do it, you’ll find it isn’t so bad. Seek your help today by reaching out, if even just one time. You’ll be glad you did!

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