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What Is Fear?

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What is fear to you? In this month of Halloween, full of haunted houses, costumes and scary movies, fear seems to be the word of the month. However, when you think of fear, what springs to your mind? Today, October 26, 2015 is the birth date of one of my superheros, Napoleon Hill. He was […]

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Lightning Bolts

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Every once in a while, we experience lightning bolts in our individual lives. Something completely unexpected happens that we are completely unprepared for happens. It takes our breath away, knocks us to our knees and leaves us reeling. I, personally, have had this happen to me twice in my life. Both times involved the unexpected […]

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Today’s Quote – October 19, 2014

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Today’s quote may take re-reading a few times. You may have to let it sink into your consciousness. We are so raised to use our heads, logic and to stop day dreaming. So many people live, in the world, by those “rules”. However, these same people live a completely different life in their heads.

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Still Living In The Past

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Do you know someone who is living in the past? Is that person you by any chance? The other day I was talking to someone who recanted, with great detail, stories from the past. Specifically, she cannot let go of her ex-boyfriend. He was not a good guy. He was not good to her. He […]

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Psychic Elizabeth Discusses Mind Reading

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Do you expect your lover, friends, family, etc. to be proficient at mind reading? Do you expect them to just know what you want without having to ask them for it? Every day I talk to clients who tell me that this person needs to do this or that to make said client happy. Every […]

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Reasons To Believe

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People have their own reasons to believe whatever it is that they choose to believe. Your truth is not my truth. This is why investigators have to talk to so many witnesses to get the whole story. You see one thing and I see another. If we both were walking down a street and a […]

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Psychic Elizabeth Discusses Hopelessness

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On a daily basis, as I am reading for my clients, I see abject hopelessness. I find myself reiterating points, defending prior readings and deflecting personal attacks all in the name of convincing this client that what I said not only can, but will, happen. I’m glad to report that this does not happen with […]

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I Awoke…On Purpose

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Last night I awoke, on purpose, out of a dream. Do you ever wake yourself up out of a dream because you just want to escape it? I find myself doing it frequently actually. Last night’s dream was odd! I dreamed that I had sent my youngest male cat to a friend of a friend […]

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