Fears & Strengths

What Is Fear?

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What is fear to you? In this month of Halloween, full of haunted houses, costumes and scary movies, fear seems to be the word of the month. However, when you think of fear, what springs to your mind? Today, October 26, 2015 is the birth date of one of my superheros, Napoleon Hill. He was […]

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Lightning Bolts

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Every once in a while, we experience lightning bolts in our individual lives. Something completely unexpected happens that we are completely unprepared for happens. It takes our breath away, knocks us to our knees and leaves us reeling. I, personally, have had this happen to me twice in my life. Both times involved the unexpected […]

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Reasons To Believe

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People have their own reasons to believe whatever it is that they choose to believe. Your truth is not my truth. This is why investigators have to talk to so many witnesses to get the whole story. You see one thing and I see another. If we both were walking down a street and a […]

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Psychic Elizabeth Discusses Hopelessness

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On a daily basis, as I am reading for my clients, I see abject hopelessness. I find myself reiterating points, defending prior readings and deflecting personal attacks all in the name of convincing this client that what I said not only can, but will, happen. I’m glad to report that this does not happen with […]

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Are You Feeling Lonely? Wonders Psychic Elizabeth

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This is the time of year when so many are feeling lonely instead of joyful and full of festive emotions. Lots of people either do not share the same religious beliefs, have family in the area, or have close personal relationships that foster all this happy happy joy joy stuff that we are supposed to […]

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Gratitude List: Day Three – C

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My gratitude list for letter C can only contain one thing. C for cats. I love cats. I love big cats, little cats, house cats, wild cats and feral cats. My first contact with a truly wild cat was when I was approximately eight years old. I was walking down a 3 mile dirt road […]

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Turn Off The News – Psychic Elizabeth Pleads

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Please turn off the news. Please walk away from the television set. I, by no means, want you to be uninformed. I do, however, want you to live a happy, abundant, prosperous, joy-full life. You cannot be absorbed in, speaking of, worrying about and viewing with your eyes horrific events and be the latter. It’s […]

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The Way You React Ponders Psychic Elizabeth

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The way you react to things that happen in your life very often determine how those things actually turn out. Do you freak out? Do you sit around worrying? Do you just blow stuff off? Do you just not care? Today’s Daily Quote is from the American author, Ellen Glasgow. She was deeply involved in […]

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