Psychic Tarot Card Reading

Psychic tarot card readings are not only fun and informative for you to receive, they are also a joy for me to give. One of the most common misconceptions about psychic tarot card readings and tarot decks is that they are evil. Anyone can use anything for good or for evil. Please rest assured that I only come from love and light. I only use the power of good to help you. Nothing in my possession is evil. On the same note, tarot psychic readings and tarot decks are not evil either. They actually were a recorded history of the old ways to pass down over time. They were used as a game in earliest recorded history.

The tarot deck that I use the most and feel speaks the loudest to me is the Shapeshifter Tarot Deck. Of course its animal related so you know that works well for me! I do not use any particular spread unless I feel drawn to do so. I usually just flip cards until we get the whole story. Each card is like another chapter to the story. That is the way that has always worked best for my clients.

The tarot is NEVER wrong. The layout of the actual tarot deck itself is important. The life changing, big time situations in life are first in the deck and then the day to day things are second. The suits each have meaning. Using my Shapeshifter Deck as an example: water signifies emotion, swords signify action, air signifies thought, and earth signifies day to day living stuff. Each card has a meaning in itself. So you take all the information, put it together and it tells quite a story.

Please remember that you always need a good reader to interpret the story on the cards. I am certified by the Tarot Certification Board so you can trust you are getting an authentic psychic tarot card reading with me.

Come and see me with your concerns or questions and, together, let us bring you some clarity with a psychic tarot card reading.

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