A Psychic Talks About Making A Vision Board

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In the course of the readings that I give, and in my day-to-day life, I am asked often about making a vision board. “Do they work?” “How do I do it?” Of course I can only speak for my own experiences and those of people around me. I can say without a second of hesitation that vision boards absolutely, positively have worked for me. I do not think there is a “right” way or a “wrong” way in making a vision board.

My first board was made from a big piece of white poster board. I cut out a bunch of pictures and words from magazines. I would print stuff off the internet when it grabbed my eye. Two friends and I went and had a “Making A Vision Board” party around a dining room table. I remember having a great time while making the board. I was grinning and it was like playing. Who doesn’t like playing with glue and playing make-believe? My board was full. At that time, I REALLY wanted a house. I had never actually bought one. I did not see how that could happen, but I knew I wanted one. So I cut out a cluster of pictures of houses that I thought were beautiful. The theme in all the pictures was a WHOLE lot of wood and a fireplace from floor to ceiling made out of stone. Each picture of a house had that in it. I also had pictures of the car I wanted from all angles on there. I also had written on there that I would be given to thank the two Teachers who had helped me so much with their teachings. I had words and pictures of experiences I wanted to have happen to me. I put it up across the room from my desk where I would see it every time I looked up from my desk. I looked at it hundreds of times every day. That was in February 2007.

In March 2008 I closed on my dream house. It has wood all over and a stone fireplace from floor to ceiling. When I show people the vision board as they are standing in my house, their mouths drop open. I will write another post on that whole process one day. It is amazing how the whole deal to buy this came together. In the meantime, the picture is my house and the orbs I share my space with.  Look at all the wood! I did not get the car on my board but I did get A car that I love better. I got to thank the two Teachers from my vision board. One in “real life” as she asked me to coordinate an event in the city near me for her (GASP !!!) and the other one in an email that I was given. I realized I was also having the experiences that I put on the vision board. I have since created new vision boards. I have one going right now that I have beside my bed and I see it every morning, every night and every time I walk out of my bathroom.

My advice to you in making a vision board is just do it. There is software that you can buy, you can use my method and get a piece of poster board, you can use cork boards, you can paste pictures on your forehead. The object is, get what you want in one consolidated place and in front of your eyes where you see it OFTEN. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. It is fun. It is power-full. Call your friends and have a making a vision board party!! Enjoy the ride!

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