Psychic Reading

An accurate psychic reading is different from a tarot psychic reading in that I do not use any tools. I simply listen to what I know and let you know what that is. The dictionary defines a psychic as someone who is sensitive to influences or forces of a nonphysical or supernatural nature I like that definition. It makes sense to me. I know there have been instances in the past where you just had a “feeling” about something or someone. Cops call it cop intuition mothers call it mothers intuition etc. but no matter what it is called, it is the same thing. I am sure a mother would not consider herself giving her child a psychic reading as she is listening to the child but she is.

Just like an athlete in training for a specific sport, I have spent decades honing my gifts.  A psychic reading with me is like a laser pointed query. You ask the questions, I give you the answers and they are concise and accurate.

Bring your questions and / or concerns and let us get to the heart of the matter with an accurate psychic reading. Having knowledge and understanding is power. You can make better decisions when you know the whole story, understand how someone is thinking/feeling, and/or see a situation from an over all viewpoint that allows you to see clearly. It is really hard to read yourself. It is really hard to be objective enough to hear THE answer, and not the answer that you want to hear.

Together, we will clear the haze and get to the heart of any situation you need to see clearly with an open, honest and accurate psychic reading. You bring your questions and concerns and I’ll bring my gifts. Meet you there soon!

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