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Do you believe that you have nothing to fear? Or are you coming from a place of just pure fear? Today’s Daily Quote for May 12, 2012 is from Florence Nightingale, the English nurse who was also an activist. She was born on May 12, 1820. She said the following:

How very little can be done under the spirit of fear.

Florence Nightingale saw a lot of things that would strike fear into most hearts. She became known as “the lady with the lamp” as she glided through the hospital corridors tending to wounded and dying men during the Crimean War. She would stop and talk to the men, bringing them comfort. I can just imagine her telling some of them, “You have nothing to fear. You are here and you are safe now.”.

For today, let’s look at our lives and where we are living in fear. What causes you to worry? What strikes fear in your heart when you think about it? Is it your bills? Are you worried about money? Is it your unstable job? Are you in the process of opening a business? Are you in a rough marriage? I am going to be like Florence Nightingale and remind you that you have nothing to fear. No matter how dark and how bleak it may seem right now, the dawn always comes. Look back at your past. How many times have you thought, “This is it. I’m doomed.”? How many times were you actually doomed?

Look for what is working in your life. Find people who are supportive of your dreams. You know, “THEY” (whoever THEY are) say that if you want to live better, surround yourself with people who are what you want to be. If you want to be a success at business, find your local rotary club. If you want to have a successful marriage, surround yourself with people who speak power into their own marriages instead of ones who are always running it down. You have nothing to fear…except your own fear-full thoughts. Like Florence Nightingale said in today’s quote, very little gets done when we are in a state of fear. It’s not until we start allowing that things start to move in our lives.

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