Psychic Elizabeth Wonders – Do You Work With Unhappy Workers?

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Do you work with unhappy workers? Do you go to work every day and listen to the sagas, dramas and trials of the lives of your co-workers? Do people around you complain constantly about their job? Are you one of those people? Today’s Daily Quote is from Wanda Sykes, the American comedienne. Her birthday is March 7, 1964. She said the following:

I’m here today because I refused to be unhappy. I took a chance.

Do you ever wonder why the unhappy workers around you never take a chance and go do something else? Do you wonder why they’re still there? Why are you still in the areas of your life where you are unhappy? Why are you not changing those things? Wanda Sykes hits the nail on the head. She refused to be unhappy. She simply refused. She took chances based on the premise that she refused to stop short of her goal.

For today, let’s all look at our goals. I mean really take a good hard look. Are you living your dream or are you one of those unhappy workers of the world? What do you really want from this life? What do you want to do with your time that you have been given? ANYTHING is possible. We just have to first, picture it in our heads and second, believe we can have or do it. After that, we just start creating opportunities for ourselves. Try it, you’ll see. So my friend, what do you really want? Will you be like Wanda, refuse to be unhappy and take a chance? Let me know what you find out about yourself and your dreams.

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