Psychic Elizabeth Wonders – Can You Face Your Worst Fear?

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Can you face your worst fear? Do you even know what your worst fear is at this point? I know most little kids can rattle off this list of things that they fear. Somewhere between childhood and adulthood, we stop talking about our fears. We are not able to list them out like we could when we were a child. We no longer have an adult opening up our closet and checking it for monsters or looking under our bed for a maniacal killer. So your worst fear is still hanging out there with no one to combat it with you.

Today’s Daily Quote is from Jim Morrison, the American singer who was born on this day, December 8th. He said:

Expose yourself to your greatest fear; after that, fear has no power, and the fear of freedom shrinks and vanishes. You are free.

Just like when you were a child facing your worst fear by talking about it to a grownup, we can face our fears as adults. We just have to be grown enough to walk over to the closest door, proverbial or actual, and open it and look in. Most of the time, you will find that your worst fear is just a fear and not even really real. Just like your guardian never found anyone lurking in your closet, you will find that your proverbial or actual closet is empty now as well. Your fears are just your fears. They are, for the most part, never real. I know especially around this time of year, having no money is one of the fears that a lot of people are facing.

For today, let’s face down at least one fear we have. Let’s be brave enough to open a closet door somewhere and check behind the hanging clothes. Let’s prove to ourselves that there is nothing to fear but fear itself. Your worst fear is just your mind trying to keep you from stepping into more, evolving more, growing more and having more. Jim Morrison reminds us that when we do face our fears, we are free. Freedom is good. Freedom from fear is better. You can do it! I’m standing right here behind you.

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