Psychic Elizabeth Reflects On: TS Elliot Cats Poem

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I was reading one of the T.S. Elliot cats poem the other day. I smiled at the memory it brought up. Today, instead of a Daily Quote, I’m going to tell you this story.

All of the cats I have around me are rescues. They just seem to find me. I usually just watch them and listen to them and I hear their names in my head. It’s a lot like the T.S.Elliot cats poem, “The Naming of Cats”. One day, someone was around who asked if the cats really knew their names. I said something like, “Of course!”. Later I thought about my off the cuff answered and wondered if they really did know their names. Well, I got proof!

We got a new boy who is still the youngest. He was running around trying to get in on everything like all kittens do. I was spending time with the oldest boy and petting his head and whispering his name to him. I know, I’m the crazy cat lady. He loves it!!! So, the little kitten ran in between the older cat and me and instead of saying the older cat’s name as I whispered his name, I said the younger cat’s name. The older cat reared back, eyes narrowed, ears back and literally swiped my hand so hard that I bled from 3 claw marks. He ran off and hid. He was furious. I had no doubt after that moment that just like T.S. Elliot cats stuff says, my cats know their names! Don’t worry…I was forgiven.

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