Psychic Elizabeth Discusses Mind Reading

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Do you expect your lover, friends, family, etc. to be proficient at mind reading? Do you expect them to just know what you want without having to ask them for it? Every day I talk to clients who tell me that this person needs to do this or that to make said client happy. Every day I ask the client why they haven’t told the person in their life what they need. Every day I hear the client come up with a zillion excuses as to why they can’t talk to the person about their needs.

How do you expect any type of relationship to survive without open and honest communication? If you were dropping a ball or not showing up in a certain way, wouldn’t you want the person on the other end to tell you so that you could adjust your behavior? If something you were doing or not doing was making someone upset in any way, wouldn’t you want them to let you know? Or would you prefer they just walk around harboring all these bad feelings? How do you think it’s fair to not communicate your needs, wishes and wants to the person on the other end?

People are not good at mind reading. People cannot know you have a problem with something unless you tell them. If fear is keeping you from openly communicating what you want, then the issue isn’t so much about the other person as it is about you and your fears. Something needs addressing. Start with yourself. Then address the other person. It’s not fair to walk around feeling anger at them for something they don’t even realize they are doing.

For today, let’s work on addressing our issues with those around us. Don’t expect mind reading or clairvoyance. Expect open and honest communication that leads to positive results and changes.

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