Psychic Elizabeth Asks – Can You Just Enjoy Your Life?

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Can you just enjoy your life? Does that concept seem like something that you will never actually achieve? Does that seem like something that is for other people, but not for you? Today’s Daily Quote is from Katherine Graham, the American businesswoman who ran The Washington Post and received a Pulitzer Prize. She was born on June 16, 1917. She said the following:

So few grown women like their lives.

This statement rings so true to me. I would like to add “and men” into that statement as well. As I give readings, I get to hear some intimate details about people’s lives and minds. There are some truly miserable people out there. From the outside, they look very together. Inside, however, they are falling apart and just completely unhappy. I know we’ve all known people we thought had it all together, and were living these charmed lives. Then we found out something about or from them, and we realized they were wearing masks all along.

For today, let’s look at our own happiness levels. Are you finding that you just enjoy your life? Or are you seeing that you’re not that fulfilled, not that happy, and not that together? I think every human being could use some tweaking. I know that most of us have something we are working on or would like to work on. That’s the human experience. I’m speaking about the deeper levels here. Do you like your life? Do you dislike your life? Are you overwhelmed, have too much on your plate and are receiving no help? When is the last time you asked for help? You can’t get help if you don’t ask. You can’t get cooperation without asking. If you’re asking and not receiving from those around you, who’s fault is that? Why are they in your life? Life is here for us to live, experience and enjoy. Happiness is ours for the taking. We just sometimes have to choose a whole new way of doing things.

Homework: Look at whether you are miserable or if you just enjoy your life. What brings you joy? What brings you sorrow? What can you tweak? Then do that.

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