Psychic Elizabeth Asks: Are You Always Depressed?

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Are you always depressed? Do you know someone who is always depressed? Have you gotten so sick of the always depressed person being in your life that you avoid contact with that person? It is really hard to be around someone who is complaining all the time, especially if that person is you. So you ask how to stop being always depressed.

First and foremost, what is it that has you always depressed? What are you lacking in your life that you think you need? That is the first step. Find out what it is that you think you are missing. Most of us are always depressed because we feel that we are sad and unfulfilled. Some of us want a relationship and don’t have one. Some of us have a relationship but do not want to stay in it. Some of us live in the wrong geographic location, work in the wrong field, or are married to the wrong person. Those things are rather simple to fix. You and the Universe work as co-creators. We proved this to ourselves when we were children. We did not have any income or any way of buying anything when we were small. We would think about something, ask for it, wish for it, picture us having it, etc. and somehow, that item would show up. We never lost that power. We just grew up.

This brings us to our second step. We are the only ones who know how we want our lives to be. If we are always depressed, our lives obviously are not working for us. We can use that power we learned as children to create a new life around us. It does take effort and some faith. Always depressed people lack faith so that may be difficult for us to muster. We only need to have the faith of a mustard seed, as we were told by Jesus. Mustard seeds are really small. If we can just have one second of, “I can have this.”, we would see changes in our lives and our mindsets.

The third step is to be willing to make the changes as they come into our lives. If we are in a miserable relationship that is making us always depressed and we see the relationship as a problem, then action is the next step. We have to take some action to change things in our lives. The beautiful thing about this is that if we follow these steps, things just kind of fall into place for us. Granted, it’s never easy to make vast, sweeping changes in our lives. It does not have to be as hard as we think it is. It can and will be a whole lot easier.

The formula for changing your life from always depressed to building a life you want is to first see what the problems are clearly and openly. Sometimes seeing our lives as they really are is not only hard but downright scary. Once you know the problems, then you start working on your thoughts. Start imagining yourself in a better, more happy situation. See yourself in your head living the life you want to live, being in the relationship you want to be, the job you want to be in, having that child you want or whatever it is you are always depressed over. Once you start to change your thoughts from complete disbelief to this could be possible, then the actions available to you will just start to appear. You do not have to live in an always depressed state of mind and being. You can use the above formula to bring in what you say you want. Happiness is an inside job and can be yours. All you have to do is change your mind. Once you do that, the opportunities will just start to appear. Dream, be tenacious, and enjoy your new life!


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