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Moving forward from a broken heart is something that most of us have had to do at some point in our life. Are you going through this right now? First of all, you have my sympathies and a big dose of strength-based energy from me. Please know you are not alone. I give more relationship and love readings than any other kind. Secondly, let’s get down to some tips on how you can get to moving forward from that broken heart.

The first tip is do not romanticize the past. It is important that we see the past clearly for what it was and for how things really happened. So often we only remember the good, fun, loving and wonderful parts. Those wonderful parts usually came from the early parts of the relationship and not even from recent times. I know it is not easy and it sometimes hurts. Lying to yourself or not seeing the whole story is more hurtful in the long run. If you are going to spend time in the past, at least think about the real past. By seeing the past for what it really was, we commonly realize that we really do not want that person back in our lives.

The second tip is do not base your feelings for your ex based on the potential that you saw in that person. Human beings are allowed free will. People are often faced with circumstances or situations that are just too scary. So, we choose to shut down and not take the risk necessary. Moving forward from someone who has great potential but refuses to tap into it is really difficult. Your logic and fear says, “What if it kicks in as soon as I leave?” How that person is living now, and the behavior that caused the breakup, are the only factors that should matter to you at this point. They are the only factors you need to consider while making your decision to move forward from this relationship.

The third tip is do not stay stuck in the ego’s desire to win. Our ego wants that person to come crawling back, on broken glass, sobbing and begging forgiveness. Moving forward from the ego’s desire to win requires that you realize the whole “ex running back sobbing scene” you are playing out in your head most likely will not happen. You will not get the closure you are seeking and your ex will not accept blame. Sitting around waiting for that to happen instead of moving forward from the past and into what you really want is a choice that your ego is making for you. Make your own choices. Turn the ego’s voice off.

The fourth tip is do not hate the new person. Your ex will start dating. There will be a new relationship at some point. The new person is not your enemy and is not dating your ex to purposely hurt you. The new person doesn’t even know who you are and has no ill will towards you. Do not transfer your feelings of anger to the new person. It is not that person’s fault that the relationship started. That person is not out to get you.

Moving forward from a broken heart is not easy, but it is possible. People have done it and actually survived. These same people have even gone on to find happy and fulfilling relationships. You can do the same. You do not have to be in a dysfunctional relationship. Use the tips above to not get stuck in a spiral of ego and fear based behaviors. Choose to open up to new love. Allow new people coming into your life a chance. Most of all, have fun! You deserve it.

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Yiota October 8, 2012 at 12:16 am

Hi Elizabeth! I don’t recall ever reading this page but you are so on point! All of these areas kept me stuck, especially obsessing over my ex changing for someone new. Thanks for always being a ray of sunshine!


Elizabeth October 12, 2012 at 6:51 am

Hey girly !! 🙂 Good to see you anywhere on my page! You are most welcome for the help!! Thank you for allowing me to help.


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