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At this time of year, we have to remember that love is a verb. So many people confuse love with gift giving. Buying the biggest or best present doesn’t necessarily equate to love. Granted, it’s great to be the giver and the receiver of an awesome present. However, spending time, being thoughtful, hugs, kisses, doing kind things, and remembering the little things is what someone would want way more than that awesome gift in the long run.

I can’t tell you the number of clients that I have that long for affection from their partners. So many of them have all the trappings of materialism. They live in big houses, drive fancy cars, have all the toys that someone could want, yet they tell me how their partners don’t reach out and hold their hand or hug them. They hear that they are loved from their partners, but the partners aren’t actually showing them.

Love is a verb. Love is doing, not buying. Love is hugging, grabbing a hand, kissing your partner hello and goodbye and listening. Yes, enjoy this time of year. Buy great presents for those that you love. But please remember that we all need more than that to feel loved. Be to your partner who you want them to be to you. Love them in all ways…not just with gifts.

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