I Awoke…On Purpose

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Last night I awoke, on purpose, out of a dream. Do you ever wake yourself up out of a dream because you just want to escape it? I find myself doing it frequently actually. Last night’s dream was odd!

I dreamed that I had sent my youngest male cat to a friend of a friend to watch while the youngest cat got acclimated to the household. In reality, I would never ever do that. I asked my friend to call her friend so I could go get him and the husband gave me a song and dance about how I had given my cat to them for good. I was explaining to him how that was never the deal. I also learned that my cat was being kept outside. He’s an inside boy and it’s cold at night around here. I started getting very agitated in my dream. The man hemmed and hawed and then said he had to go. I kept trying to call back and my call kept going to voice mail. I was telling my friend it was time to just go to the house and get my cat. She was hemming and hawing too.

It was at that point that I made myself walk up. I awoke with a start. I was in my bed, not seeking out my friend to go get my cat. It was pitch black and I instantly was relieved to be awake. I felt him laying up against my leg. I reached down and petted him. He was still sleeping and I didn’t wake him. I was so relieved. It made me realize that we can wake ourselves up from dreams that are not working…night dreams or day dreams. If you are in the middle of a living a dream that you realize is not working or not what you wanted, wake up! Change it. You have that power at any point. Simply dream a new dream. You’ll slip right into it.

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