Do You Have Harassing Neighbors? Psychic Elizabeth Asks

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Are you dealing with harassing neighbors? Do you have problems where you live due to someone you have to live near? I have the benefit of living in the country so I can choose town or country living. I do, however, have a client who is dealing with her harassing neighbor. It’s becoming quite difficult for her. She came to me for advise on how to best deal with these people and we had a long talk. I realized, by talking to her, how detrimental harassing neighbors can truly be!

While searching for today’s Daily Quote, I came across one that made me think of my client and her harassing neighbor. Hesiod was a Greek oral poet. He is said to have lived between 750 and 650 BC. He said the following:

A bad neighbor is as great a calamity as a good one is a great advantage.

If you live right next door to, in the same building as, or in the same unit as your harassing neighbor, it’s sometimes very hard to find that peace and that calm that you are seeking. Ask yourself a few things. Are they worth you being this upset? Are you gaining anything by carrying around all that anger and frustration? Has anything you have tried to do worked yet?

For today, let’s send our harassing neighbors peace and love. It’ll practically kill them, or at the very least, it will confuse them! At the risk of sounding like everyone’s Mother, treat them the way you want to be treated. Send them the energy that you want to receive back from those harassing neighbors. Bless them. Send them love and joy. Something must be very wrong inside of them for them to be as angry and mean as they are, correct? You are the lucky one. You have the ability to reach for peace. They obviously do not. Send those harassing neighbors peace, love, happiness and joy. It will come back to you three-fold. Maybe not from THEM, but it will come back from someone!

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Marie October 25, 2011 at 6:36 am

well said… kill them – or their harassment – with kindness…


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