Gratitude List: Day Seven – G

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We are up to the letter G on our Daily Gratitude List. I have quite a few things to pick from with the letter G. However, I have decided that for today, I’m going to focus on glass. I am very grateful for glass. I can see out of it. I can drink from it. It protects me from the elements. It keeps my car somewhat sound proof so I can listen to my music very loudly.

I also love art glass. I love colored glass of all kind. When I was a child, we used to take field trips to a glass blowing plant. I was fascinated by the glass blowers. I would stand in that dimly lit space. It was incredibly hot due to all the fires necessary for them to do their work. I thought it was a wonderful space. After we finished the tour, they would let us all choose one item for free from the “mistake bin”. I couldn’t fathom how these beautiful pieces of glass were mistakes. To this day I gravitate towards anything made of glass.

What do you have in your life that starts with the letter G that you are grateful for today?

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