Gratitude List: Day Eight – H

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We are up to day day eight and the letter H on our Daily Gratitude List. This one is very easy for me. Yes, there are whole lot of H words that I could choose. However, for today, I am choosing hotels.

I have always loved hotels. When I was a child, I traveled quite a bit with my Dad on his business trips. We also traveled a lot as a family. I would always be so happy to see the hotel sign as Dad pulled into the parking lot. I knew that I was going to get to explore and there usually was a pool. I love how hotels are different yet the same.

I have had the good fortune of staying in some beautiful hotels all over the world. The one that I remember the most is in Cologne, Germany. It is right across the street from the famous cathedral in Cologne. I remember standing on the balcony staring at the cathedral and watching people flow in and out of it for hours. I was so happy when Daddy said it was time to go to the cathedral and check it out. When I got back to the hotel later in the day, I had a new viewpoint. I had been inside the cathedral so I was looking with different eyes. Do you have a favorite hotel stay memory?

I am very grateful that when I am traveling, I don’t have to build a fire, find some moss to sleep on and hope it doesn’t rain on me in the night. I never take hotels for granted!

What H word are you choosing today?


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