Do I give myself psychic readings?

One of the most common questions I am asked is, “do you give yourself psychic readings?”  Yes.  I do.  The next question that comes is, “Well, how do you do it?”  The answer is, I just close my eyes and listen to what I “know” in my gut.  We have all heard all the cliche statements about “still, small voices” and “gut instinct”, etc.  We all are psychic.  Just most people don’t believe in it or trust themselves enough.  We all have heard of “Mother’s instinct” or “Cop’s intuition”.  THAT is another way of saying “psychic ability”.  People accept those terms more easily however as it’s LOGICAL that mothers and cops “just know” stuff.  Where does that “knowing” come from?

I have learned over time to trust Spirit’s guidance, whether in readings for you or for me.  Now, granted, it has taken me YEARS to learn to be objective enough to hear what Spirit is really saying when I read for myself.  Most of the time, when we read ourselves, we REALLY search on a subconscious level for the answer we really want.  It is hard to be objective enough to hear the truth when we want the outcome we want.

A great example happened just the other day as I was seeking some guidance from Spirit and I heard, very clearly, the following statement:

I will NOT let you down.

That blew me away.  I knew very clearly that it came from Spirit / God.  I knew very clearly that I was being told to continue on the path I am on, and know that I have an amazing support system behind me in the form of “Spirit’s Network”.   I found myself infused with a blast of energy and a “knowing” on an even deeper level that I am protected.   What an amazing statement and promise to receive.  I have gone  back to that statement time and time again since I received it.

I have found that if I just get quiet and ask for my answer, I will find it.  Always.  We are promised that if we ask, we will receive.  That applies to answers and goods alike.  Seek your answers.  Whether you seek them in psychic readings with me (you know I can’t resist) or inside of yourself, the important part is that you are seeking and receiving guidance to help you grow.  That is the purpose of psychic readings after all.   Happy growing my friends !!!!

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