Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of readings do you do?

I offer psychic, tarot, medium psychic, dream interpretation, past life and power animal spirit guide readings.

Are there areas that you will not read/discuss?

I will not invade the privacy of another person. That is bad karma! For example, I cannot answer how much money your neighbor has in the bank! I also will not do any kind of medical diagnosis type reading. I am not a doctor and I have no idea what I am even seeing when I look at a medical problem. I will refer you to a Doctor.

I’m a new client. How do I get a reading?

The first place you want to stop is on the New Client page on my front page.  Follow the directions from there. Please do not call the office number expecting to instantly get a reading. Please follow the directions on the site to schedule your reading.

Please bear in mind that all readings are booked on a first come first serve basis. If you want to reserve a time, please pay for the reading in advance to ensure that slot.

What do you believe in?

I believe in a power that is greater than we are that we can tap into for help, guidance, power and strength. I call that power God. I also use the terms Spirit and Universe as well. I personally have a very close relationship with this force or energy that I call God.  If the word “God” offends you, please let me know what word best works for you.  I will be happy to use the words that make you the most comfortable!

What is your preferred method for giving a reading?

I prefer to give readings in Instant Messenger Chat for a few reasons. If you go to How We Will Connect, you will find the reasons. It also gives you all the information that you need to connect with me.

Will you do phone readings?

Yes. You can get more information on the How We Will Connect page.

Is what you do evil?

Absolutely not!! I was born with this “gift” and I have always used it to uplift, support, inform and empower my clients and friends. I ask God to give me the words to best help my clients every day before I go to work. I seek answers and wisdom from God.

What if you’re wrong?

I am not wrong. Between God and the tools that I use, you will receive your honest and very accurate answer. You may not always like the answer, however you can rest assured that it will ALWAYS be the honest and truth-full answer.

How much experience do you have?

I have been doing this, professionally, since the early 1990s. As of January 2011, my client base is over 4,500 clients. I have received over 10,000 client reviews/ratings. I am very blessed to have such wonderful, loyal clients!

What hours do you work?

I understand that my hours need to be as flexible as possible for you. I make every attempt to work with you on scheduling readings. With that being said, I obviously don’t have normal working hours. I am in Central Time in the United States.  Please refer to the clock you will see on a few pages and use my time zone as I have NO idea where you are in this big world of ours!

What qualifications do you have ?

I am certified by the Tarot Certification Board. I am an ordained minister. I write for a weekly magazine. I have decades of experience with over 10,800 client reviews. I have over 4,500 regular clients.

Will you answer just a quick question for me in email ?

All answers will be given during the reading as once one question is answered, another usually pops up right behind it.  Please refer to “How We Will Connect” for further instructions about how to receive a reading.

Will you answer questions / give readings when I comment ?

No. Comment sections are for just that … comments. If you want a reading, please come and book one.

How much are your readings?

Existing Customers:  $3.89 per minute – 15 Minute Reading – $58.35, 30 Minute Reading – $116.70, 45 Minute Reading -$175.05, 60 Minute Reading – $233.40

New Clients (First time only):  $1.99 per minute – 15 Minute Reading – $29.85, 30 Minute Reading – $59.70, 45 Minute Reading – $89.55, 60 Minute Reading – $119.40

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