Find Your Power Animal – Animal Spirit Guides

Would you like to find your power animal? Just like human spirit guides, we all have animal spirit guides, also known as power animals as well. We all have one main power animal that stays with us our whole life. Sometimes that main guide steps back into the shadows to make way for a teaching guide to come in. By going back to my Irish/Celtic and Native American roots, I can hear the voices of those power animals. Native Americans refer to them as totems. I can listen for your power animal that best applies to your situation.

Do you have an animal that is around you a frequently? Do you have a favorite pet? Do you look up and notice the same animal is there in front of you over and over? Tell me what that animal is and lets look at what your power animal is trying to say to you.

By using the traits of your power animal, you can bring its power and knowledge into your life. Animals have long been revered for their ability to bridge the gap between the two worlds and bring messages from the Other Side. Allow me to assist you as we find your power animal and the message from your power animal today!

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Bijou July 20, 2015 at 3:28 pm

My spirit animal is supposedly a spider, but I’m not exactly sure?


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