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Would you like to find your power animal? Just like human spirit guides, we all have animal spirit guides, also known as power animals as well. We all have one main power animal that stays with us our whole life. Sometimes that main guide steps back into the shadows to make way for a teaching guide to come in. By going back to my Irish/Celtic and Native American roots, I can hear the voices of those power animals. Native Americans refer to them as totems. I can listen for your power animal that best applies to your situation.

Do you have an animal that is around you a frequently? Do you have a favorite pet? Do you look up and notice the same animal is there in front of you over and over? Tell me what that animal is and lets look at what your power animal is trying to say to you.

By using the traits of your power animal, you can bring its power and knowledge into your life. Animals have long been revered for their ability to bridge the gap between the two worlds and bring messages from the Other Side. Allow me to assist you as we find your power animal and the message from your power animal today!

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Bijou July 20, 2015 at 3:28 pm

My spirit animal is supposedly a spider, but I’m not exactly sure?


Jennifer March 5, 2016 at 6:18 am

We have two cats one male one female the male is mine had him from 6 1/2 weeks now about 3 and every where i am at least one of them maney my male tiger who is half bob cat follows me around the house. He even mastered oping doors to get to me. Could he be my power animal?


Deserie Bond April 14, 2016 at 7:08 am

I dreamt my family & I were all together in a big house. We were happy, there was sadness, love, laughter & anger. We found out someone was hurt, a younger man went to go start to help, he was shoveling, we called for help. A plow came didnt see him injured him & he passed away. All of a sudden there were so many of us, we were walking towards a huge army airplane we all went aboard with the bodies & sat like planes would sit but we were all held down. I felt the fear & those next to me. I gripped for help. We went to the funeral site. We all cried. We were all so sad. You could feel the sadness all around you. Our families were all together I could feel all the love, the fear, the sadness the hope. We had to leave on another plane. I was holding a beautiful baby girl. On the second plane I had to hand over drugs that were already there but for some reason I had more in my pocket. This plane was a little different it had seats. Robyn, tried to fight me. While I was holding the baby. I had to ecape her. I got away & was hiding. I had to hide for the baby. The fear, the wanting to apologize felt so real, but I ran. When we got to where we were going we had to walk through a building that had a grey lion almost performing and a baby girl monkey. I tried to walk as fast as I could & keep the baby quiet. I made it passed the lion by the monkey the baby made a sound as I walked through a door the monkey came through then the lion. I was walking stopped because they were around me got to where the bodies were & the lion got to me. He sniffed the baby & was rubbing his head on me. I felt instant fear. I froze I handed the baby off. The lion laid his head on me & rubbed his head against mine, I felt a tear fall from him down to my cheek. There was chaos all around. I tried to remain calm, I felt so much fear but I petted the lions head hugged him back but had this deep fear I needed to leave. Next we were trying to get back to the plane. The lion wouldnt let me go they would almost get me away but he would get me back. There was still so many people. I walked through a gate the lion gote he was gentle before this time he used force I felt the fear, the anxiety, the tears but tried to comfort him tried to let him know it would be okay, he held tighter covered me with his body. The workers had to convince him to let me go, I am crying so hard at this point, they convince him a teddy bear would be better than me. I woke up to feeling the lions grip around me, the beauty of his main & fur still on my fingertips, I felt my tense body full of fear, confusion, chaos, love & confusion. My body felt stiff & still like that just really happened. My heart raced my mind is a fog, my fear is there. A lion just had me in his grasp & I escaped; not understanding fully the dream or why he ended up not wanting me or needing me.


Maria April 14, 2016 at 2:06 pm

I had a dream that a doctor was pulling out a mouse or rate out of my niece and nephews butt after they slept on the corner floor in my house


Nicole Burnett April 27, 2017 at 1:30 pm

My pet was a grey, black & white cat which i had for 3years before moving here. Since then, i’ve randomly been seeing different cats run around my apartment


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