Fight Or Fright – Which Is Your Norm? Psychic Elizabeth Asks

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Which response is the most common for you, fight or fright? Today’s Daily Quote is from Robin Roberts, the American sportscaster turned Good Morning America host. Earlier this month she went through a bone marrow transplant. Earlier this year she was treated for breast cancer. She has a disease called MDS (myelodysplastic syndrome). She said the following:

It’s about focusing on the fight and not the fright.

For today, I have a suggestion for a new norm. For today, let’s try faith instead of fight or fright as a first response. I’m not saying that we just have to sit under a tree, pray, and have faith that all our diseases will be cured. Now, I KNOW that they can be if our faith is strong enough. However, we are so “medical based” in our society that most of us believe we have to go to a hospital/doctor to be cured. So, do that while you have faith that these doctors will be the tools used by God to cure you.

I know that Robin Roberts has faith that she will be healed and that’s why she fights as hard as she does. She’s very vocal about her healing. Being an athlete herself, she comes from a sports mentality which is “fight, fight, fight, win” basically. She says she’s always been spiritual, has daily devotions and prays a lot.

Where are you having this fight or fright or faith battle in your own life? What is it that keeps you awake at night? No matter what you believe, no matter what religious background you come from, you can find faith in something. Let’s say you’re going on a road trip and you’re concerned. If you can’t trust that God will deliver you safely, maybe you’ll have faith that the car is sound enough and engineered well enough to get you there in one piece. All I’m asking us to do today is have faith…in something.

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