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Ask a psychic – “Do love spells work?”  I hear this question often enough that I decided to discuss it with you. There are a few Karmic laws that I follow as I work with and for you giving psychic readings and psychic love readings. The one that would apply to THIS situation is that we are not allowed to mess with, alter, attempt to sway without permission or change in any way someone else’s free will. We are all given free will for the express purpose of being able to choose what we want for ourselves. Imagine if the shoe was on the other foot. Would you want someone messing with YOUR free will and forcing you to make choices you didn’t really want to make? I know I wouldn’t!

So now we come to the whole question of do love spells work? I think the answer to this question will vary according to who you ask. If you have someone who is charging you $200.00 for a love spell, of course in their opinion, the spell is going to work. If you asked a “dark magic” working priestess, she will say that the receiver of the spell has to believe in it’s power for it to have any power. So that would mean that you would have to let the person know you were casting a love spell on them. That defeats the purpose in my opinion. Lots of people prey on the hopes and dreams that you may have for your love life. A “love spell” is an easy to market thing because of those hopes you have. My personal position is that no love spell really ever works. If the person chooses to come to you then they choose that. It has NOTHING to do with a spell or no spell. Plus, whatever we wish for or put out on someone else comes back to us at least three times over. So your free will would be overridden at least three different times. Who wants THAT?

If you feel the need for a love spell, one thing you may want to ask yourself is why do you want to force someone to be with you who is not choosing to do so willingly right now? Won’t you always wonder if it’s you or the spell that has that person there by your side? If you would like help finding out what someone feels about you, stop in for a psychic love reading and lets take a look at what we can do to better things in your love life. Please don’t spend any more time asking yourself, “Do love spells work?” Come get TRULY empowered with practical solutions and honest answers.

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Ali August 30, 2012 at 8:25 pm

Weird question….if I was to go to a psychic reader who does love spells, but I didn’t want one done, is it likely that they will try to get me to purchase one even if I just want a love reading from them? This lady seems nice, but I just don’t want to go and have her say, well the connection is there, you need some spell work done though. I have heard from other psychics and tarot readers I have worked with that it is bad to get them done and I never would. Like I said this lady seems good, but she also seems like she might try to sell me a spell. Should I go or not? Or should I make it clear I just want a reading done and that’s it? Let me know your thoughts because I heard a reader will never try to say, “this looks good, but you have to get this done or you will have a terrible love life and finacial life. Please let me know your thoughts.


Elizabeth August 30, 2012 at 8:33 pm

If a psychic, or anyone, tries to get you to purchase something that you did not order or know about up front, do not do it. I think I made my viewpoints on love spells pretty clear! :) If anyone tells you that you have to do something or you will have terrible this or that…run…quickly in the other direction! Keep your money!


Ali August 30, 2012 at 8:27 pm

PS. I just looked at your website because my friend told me about love spells and I was always curious if they had bad karma…thank you for making this page about it :)


Elizabeth August 30, 2012 at 8:33 pm

Thank you Ali :)


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