“Get the best psychic reading ever….” and other catchy lines…..

Have you ever seen the television commercials that advertise the call-in lines that say you will receive the best psychic reading ever?  Want to hear a secret I am probably not supposed to divulge?  Those lines are very often manned by people who were on unemployment and / or welfare and were placed there by their state.  They aren’t any more psychic than the rock in your front yard is.  The rock may be more psychic even.

In my last blog, I gave some really simple and easy to remember guidelines to watch out for when finding a good psychic.  To add to that, be careful about tag lines and pictures.  A lot of people use pictures, tag lines and “spiritual type” jargon to make people believe they are more connected than they really are.  Please remember that your gut is SUCH a good G.P.S.  It will really help lead you in the right direction and what / who you can trust.

The role of any one working in this field these days is to help you, the client, get the best reading you can have for your situation.  If you want the best psychic reading ever, follow my advise in my last blog, trust your gut, and come see me !!!  Chuckle.  You knew I had to do it!! You would too.


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Akiode Akintunde Kola July 18, 2015 at 2:55 am

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