Authentic Psychic Readings – how do you know if you’re getting one?

I am a 6th generation psychic. I am certified (not certifiable).  I always give authentic psychic readings.  Here are some really good tips if you want to choose a psychic other than myself.

  • Always know what you are going to pay up front and for how much time.  There should be no surprise additions.
  • There should never be an offer to “remove” some bad energy from you with a price attached.
  • If your gut feels like the information you are receiving is wrong, it’s wrong.
  • No one can answer every question. NO ONE.  A real psychic will tell you “I can’t answer that” and explain why from time to time.
  • You will get good news AND bad news from someone who is giving you authentic psychic readings.

When you visit a psychic, you want just a couple things.  You want the truth, you want the answers, and you want them quickly.  That is what you should receive.  Period.  That is what you can expect if you visit me.  Authentic psychic readings are not hard to get if you know where to look !!

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