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Hey, this is Elizabeth and I am so glad you stopped by my site! I know you are looking for an authentic psychic reading. If you know me from other sites, you know I’m authentic. I was on Psychic Chat where I was known as DreamChaser. I was also on Live Person (formerly known as Kasamba) with my real name of Elizabeth. My clients range from presidents of major corporations to homemakers. My “down home southern” style puts everyone at ease and my manner and reading style are more conversational than “mystic”. I am often brutally honest, yet am very giving, caring and supportive. If you really do not want to hear the truth, please do not seek me out.

I am not the usual psychic you find on directories that are words on a chat screen or a voice on a phone. I am visible and transparent! You will find me on Facebook and Twitter. I am here for you, not for one reading, through many life altering experiences.

I never ever will tell you something if I am not sure of it. I will explain to you why I cannot answer something. If you do not understand something I am saying, I want you to stop me and ask me to clarify. I always want you leaving me with the feeling that you got what you came for and then some.

Maybe you would like to know a little more about me. I have always “just known” things since as far back as I can remember. I found my birth family in 1997 and found out all about the Root Women and the psychic women in my bloodline. It was an amazing revelation for me. Listening to the stories, I finally not only received validation of this “Gift” but I also knew why it was there and where it came from. The family was able to trace the “Gift” back six generations. My children are the seventh generation.

I heard the tales of my maternal Grandmother who would go out and find the right roots to heal the people in the town. I heard of my maternal Aunts who would set the table for, and talk to people, who no one else could see. I heard of my Mother who, from the time she could talk, would wake up out of a dead sleep speaking out loud of things that had not yet happened or had just happened.

So you see, you have found a truly authentic psychic.  Because of my bloodline, certifications and 20 years experience with over 10,000 reviews from clients, you can rest in the knowledge you will receive a truly accurate psychic reading. Connect with me in confidence and trust that you’ll receive the guidance you need.

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Look up in the right hand corner to see if I’m on line. If I’m available, let’s connect! If I’m reading another client and you’d like to wait, just click that link and I’ll be with you very soon. Or you can schedule an appointment!

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