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This is the time of year when so many are feeling lonely instead of joyful and full of festive emotions. Lots of people either do not share the same religious beliefs, have family in the area, or have close personal relationships that foster all this happy happy joy joy stuff that we are supposed to be feeling according to society.

Are you one of the lonely people this year? I could give you a list like:

  • Help out at a children’s hospital
  • Go to a nursing home and visit alone old people
  • Serve food at a homeless shelter
  • Help out at the animal shelter
  • Or a bunch of other ideas.

However, you probably don’t want to hear that! You probably wish that you had someone waiting at home who you loved and who would love you back when you walked in after those activities. You probably wish your family was close so you could go home and visit. You probably wish those you loved were still alive. You probably wish that your relationship wasn’t on rocky times and that you were still sharing that love you used to share.

Martha Beck said: Loneliness is proof that your innate search for connection is intact. The only person who combat that lonely feeling is you. You can have a room full of people around you and still be lonely. You can go participate in all the above activities and feel even lonelier when you come home from them. Find something you can connect to this month. Find something that makes you smile when you feel that connection. Then…stay there. Focus on that. Make it your mission to find a way to enjoy and smile and not be the one who is feeling lonely.

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peter January 8, 2016 at 1:46 pm

I do get bored most of the time as no-one will give me a job. I do hate chrismas because i now live alone and wish i could work, ot would take my mind of christmas and spending all that money on presents which could be spent on other things. Christmas is just a time when the lonely and frail don’t have anyone to talk to but themselves. Lets ban christmas.


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