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My animal spirit totem is the Owl. Where I grew up was very rural. I always had Owls around me. I didn’t realize that not everyone heard owls almost every night. When my friends that lived in towns or cities close to me would come for sleep overs, sometimes the Owls would scare them. I didn’t understand that at all!

Let’s explore some of the things that an Owl can teach us who have this bird showing up as an Animal Spirit totem. There are over 100 different species of Owls. We all know that most Owls are nocturnal. The Snowy Owl is one Owl that actually will hunt day and night. However, when we think of Owls, we think of the night for the most part. I think some of the fear that people have about them is the whole seeing and hunting in the dark thing. That is a naturally mysterious fact to humans. Most of us don’t understand the things that can be seen in the darkness…literal and proverbial. Lots of people call Owls cats with wings. Of course, like cats, Owls are associate with sexuality, fertility and seduction. Magic, wisdom and the power to see the future are also associated with the Owl. To some Native American nations, the Owl was protection. To others, the bringer of evil and death.

One thing that I find fascinating about Owls is that they have auto-zoom eyeballs and it happens in just fractions of a second. They have this light-sensitive thing that allows them to see the smallest of movements around them. No matter how dark it is around them, they can still see every movement clearly.

Owls ears are not matching. One is bigger than the other and they are on odd parts of the Owl’s head. This makes it easier for them to have 360 hearing. When an Owl is turning it’s head from side to side to side to side, it’s listening to it’s prey. It’s finding out exactly where it is.

One of the most fascinating things about Owls to me is the fact that, like Dolphins, they use echo location. If you hear an Owl clicking, that’s what it’s doing.

If an Owl is your Animal Spirit totem, or if you start using the Owl’s wisdom, you will be able to see what others try to keep hidden. You will see what happens in the “dark”…again literal and proverbial. You will hear what people are not saying out loud. You will be able to see the tiny movements in people and things. Others may not be very comfortable around you because of this perception.

Owls have a third eyelid. It opens and closes from the sides. It allows the eyes to be cleaned. It shows us about cleaner, or more clear, vision in our own lives. Most of us were born super psychic. If the Owl is just now showing up, you are realizing just how perceptive you are becoming.

Female Owls only mate when they trust the male. Some Owls do mate for life. They do not build nests. They lay eggs in tree forks. Lots of Owl babies are found at the base of trees because they fell out. If you find a little baby Owl at the base of a tree, please do not touch it or assume it’s abandoned. The mother is taking care of her little baby. The mother owl watches over the babies while the father goes out hunting. Once the babies start hunting, the family can kill dozens of mice in one night.

Owls don’t make any sounds while they’re flying. This tells us to be quiet and mind our business. Just because you can see doesn’t mean we should be looking. Just go through life as silently as possible.

Owls eat their prey head first. They spit out the bones and fur and stuff that can’t be digested. These are called “Owl pellets”. We go for knowledge first. We also spit out a lot of what we ingest. Basically, we take what works for us and discard the rest.
I feel blessed to have such a wise and power-full Animal Spirit totem. Don’t you? If an Owl has shown up in your life, study these traits. Where are they showing up around you?

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ludo January 9, 2013 at 10:58 pm

Must b it. It came in dream. Surprise. Pleasant. Things making sense. Started to see unseen and hidden in people. Calmly. Many corresponding traits.


Elizabeth January 12, 2013 at 8:54 am

I love that moment when everything makes sense.


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