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One of the most common animals that we humans have around us is the dog. It is not a guarantee that if you have a dog around you, that the dog is your animal spirit totem. However, if you do have dogs around you, it may be worthwhile for you to take advantage of that opportunity to learn from our friend, the dog.

We have main guides and teaching guides. Very often an animal will come into your life briefly, cross your path, or even be killed by you. Those are present in our lives to serve as teaching guides. You can bet if you run over an animal with your car, you have a lesson to learn from that animal’s traits and ways. If you are a hunter and you kill an animal, that animal’s wisdom and ways should be something you research and learn.

In the case of dogs, they teach us so many valuable lessons. I think the one we all are familiar with is, of course, loyalty. Everyone knows about a dog’s unconditional love and undying loyalty. We are also familiar with the fact that dogs protect us. Many dog owners actually own the dog for the specific purpose of protection. Dogs have also helped man work, such as the herders, hunters, and sled dogs. One of the traits I find so fascinating in the animal spirit totem dog is the ability to bounce back, heal, and let go of the past. It is incredibly hard to break a dog’s spirit. I had the privilege of helping a horrible broken and abused dog recently. She would hide her head under her leg whenever food or water was put down and her whole body would shake. I finally got her to trust me enough to be able to put my hand inside her cage. I then eventually got her to eat out of my hand. That was approximately three months ago and that dog doesn’t even remember those days any more. When I see her with her family, she is nothing less than joyful! She let go of her past so quickly. I have to grin every time I think about how we humans will hold on to baggage from forty years ago, but that little dog can forget someone stomping her back so hard that her pelvis was broken. It took her less than three weeks to get to where she trusted the humans around her and started exploring her new life.

To wrap the animal spirit totem dog up in a nice little package, the most common and familiar traits are as follows:

  • Unconditional love
  • Undying loyalty
  • Protection
  • Nearly unbreakable spirit
  • Companionship
  • Helper
  • Understanding the difference between and the duality of doubt and faith
  • Knowing when trouble is close
  • An innate ability to sense good or evil in beings

If you are finding yourself with the dog as your animal spirit totem, you may want to ask yourself some questions. Do you have the proper companionship in your life? Do you have a lack of love? Do you allow yourself to receive love from others? Are you faithful to yourself? Is your spirit low? These are just some of the questions that an animal spirit totem dog can help you answer and heal in your own life. Are you curious about your totem? Come on in and find your power animal today.

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shiny August 29, 2012 at 6:01 pm

My relationship with dogs has been bad I was chased by a dog when I was little and well I grabbed it’s mouth so I wouldn’t be bit (pretty dumb right) and I’ve had 2 pet dogs one ran away (I was stil scared of it) the other one we raised since it was okay to separate from it’s mom (pitbull) that one I had no fear of we had to give him though
I’ve always been alert of where dogs are so that I won’t have to deal with them
Sorry that was long
could a dog possibly be my spirit animal


Elizabeth August 30, 2012 at 6:45 pm

We would need to do a reading to see what’s really up with you and dogs. If nothing else, dogs are great teachers about using caution.


Wong Weng Thye September 2, 2012 at 12:44 pm

I had strange encounters with dogs. Initially I took pity of a stray female dog which I had to spend a dollar to buy a bun to feed her once every night at the site I found her. Later the number of strays (mostly puppies) grew to 7 and they had to share the limited food I could afford to buy. One of the puppy which I named browny was frail and sickly. Then one night while I was feeding them, a large black dog turn up and it came forward and placed its head on my left lap wanting me to pat him. I looked at him , tears followed from my eyes and my heart was fiiled with compassion because he was standing on only 3 legs. I looked towards the dark sky , begging the divine to give me the strength and means to help them. Feeling of sorrow with tears flowing from my heart it suddenly turned into unconditional love. At that moment, everything stop like a standstill , there was no more surrounding, no dogs , no self and no saddness. That night I had a strange dream. In the dream a voice taught me a way to ask for divine help and also showed me that the method could also be used for destruction. As time passed by I continued feeding them . Browny was in bad shape and I sent her to the vet with the limited fund I had. After the treatment, that was the only moment I saw her in happy mood. A week later, all the strays were caught and were put to sleep by the town council. After this, I encountered 7 dreams continueously for 7 nights. Each dream different dogs communicated with me. The first one a female pup name Beauty, she did not say anything but only bow to me many times. The second one a female too named Ah Yan , she pledged that they (all stray dogs) will always be around to protect and help meand my family when needed. Browny still looked frail in the dream but always sat by my side. The method which was taught to me in the first dream is just hand gesture and strong affirmation of my desire. I use it many times and very effective.


Elizabeth September 4, 2012 at 5:27 am

Thanks for sharing this Wong Weng Thye!!!! What an awesome story!


Dazey September 4, 2012 at 9:45 pm

Dogs seem to gravitate to me, and I seem to do the same to them. I’ve always had a dog in my life, and I currently have 3. It seems that whenever I’m out and about, a stray dog crosses my path. I tend to feel awful when I can’t pick them up or don’t seem to have the time to call the local humane society to help them out. I don’t know, I tend to think that my animal spirit totem is dog, and I’m quite happy about that. Something that all 3 of my dogs (as well as my parents’ chihuahua) do that no other dogs have done with me is that they stick their heads underneath my chin and just rest them there. I’ve been told that that’s a sign of trust, or even submission. Anywho, that’s my story! 😀


Elizabeth September 9, 2012 at 6:21 am

I love your story Dazey 🙂 Thanks for sharing it!


Clara September 21, 2012 at 10:47 am

hi there,

I was relaxing one night and asked my animal guide to present itself to me. I visualised i was in a meadow and before I knew it a little puppy came bounding towards me and licked my face all excited. I laughed and enjoyed this. I felt he was called Toby although I don’t know why and he looked like a beagle of some sort, I’m not sure. Do you have any ideas what this signifies?



Elizabeth September 24, 2012 at 10:37 am

What did you feel ? That’s what it signifies :)))


Ava October 8, 2012 at 1:54 pm

I am new symbolism during meditation. Last week I saw a line of dogs with non-discript people behind them. The dogs looked like they were going to take off running, but only one broke free and ran right up to me. This actually caused my head to jerk back. The dog did not have any color to it, looked like a spaniel or lab. Reading that dogs are loyal, and don’t know how to interpret anything else. I didn’t have a particular feeling about a more detailed meaning. Any thought would be helpful.
thank you


Elizabeth October 12, 2012 at 6:52 am

Ava (by the way, Ava is one of my favorite names!) …. come talk to me if you want. You have a lot of changes around you. You could use a little guidance. 🙂


Veronica November 7, 2012 at 8:06 pm

I’ve always grew up with dogs. I had a puppy named Snoopy and he was my first puppy. I loved him very much but he got parvo and died. I found his body and cried. I get really close to dogs. Then I had a dog named Baby and he ran away. Then I got a dog named PJ and he died from a dog attacking him. Then I got a puppy named Peanut Butter and she died from Parvo. She was perfectly healthy the day before and then the next day she was vomiting and had bloody diarrhea. I took her to the pet hospital the same day but it was too late to save her. She died in the biulding when I paid $500 for them to ttry to save her. All of these dogs were extremely close to me and only me. They didn’t necessarily like the other members of my family even though they never caused harm. I was always close to these puppies. I loved them so much. And when they would die I would fall into depression. It was as if I need to love a dog to he happy. I feel as if without a dog’s love I can’t be happy.
My aunt told me that the dog must be my spirit animal. And that I need to be surrounded by dogs to stay healthy and that the reason why every dog I had always die because they are taking my sickness out of my body and putting it into theirs and they die.
When I heard her tell me that it freaked me out.
Right now I have a 2 month old puppy name Isabella and she’s fragile because she’s tiny and she loves me. I noticed that dogs tend to get attached to me very quickly and stay very attached until they die.
I don’t know is maybe this is a sign maybe my aunt’s superstition is true? I believe in superstition


Elizabeth November 12, 2012 at 7:17 am

You say you believe … so that makes it true, whether it is or not. 🙂


rocj November 10, 2012 at 2:02 pm

i dreamt of a dog standing at my old house .. i stared as i heard a voice call for me to follow… this was a huge dog with brown and black stripes, i followed , and we ran for hours ,, the next thing i knew i was in some sort of woods.


Pearl November 11, 2012 at 12:50 am

Hello! I’ve never really thought about dogs. I mean, they’re always around. But one night I had a dream I was a dog and it was so much fun and I felt so happy. This was back when I was very young..and ever since then I’ve had the same dream…I don’t believe I was a wolf though. I felt more like a dog with wolf-like features. Could it possibly be my spirit animal?


Elizabeth November 12, 2012 at 7:13 am

It’s either your main guide or a teaching guide for sure!!! 🙂


Clare November 14, 2012 at 10:29 am

I’ve always been a “dog person,” but currently my husband and I just have a pet bunny. However, I always try to be aware of animal guides that cross my path, because they always seem to show up and “tell” me precisely what I need to know at that point in my life. Just in the past couple of years I’ve had a fox, a possum, a black bear, an owl, a bat, three deer (at once!), and a lizard that each showed up in my life in person exactly when I needed to learn from them. Anyway, to make a long story even longer, I’m just now finally getting over two months of bronchitis and asthma problems, and I actually felt good enough this morning to take what used to be my daily walk around my neighborhood. Not even a mile into my walk I started having trouble breathing and started panicking, thinking my problems were coming back. I was going to go home when I happened to see a dog peeing on a yard sign that said “Fire Obama.” I thought it was so funny I went over to pet the dog and ended up forgetting all about my breathing trouble and walking around with him for another two miles before I even realized how far I had gone. The dog followed me all the way back to my house, where I gave him a snack and some water, and played with him for a little while. I was so thankful that this random dog showed up to prove to me that I could accomplish my goal as soon as I let go of the recent past, without me even realizing what was happening. And I’m thankful that you have such a valuable resource here so that we can decode the important messages from our animal guides! 🙂


Elizabeth November 19, 2012 at 7:48 am

AWESOME story Clare! Thanks!!!


meagan January 5, 2013 at 9:30 pm

i saw my dog and had no idea what my animal totem might be so i looked her in the eye and said if you or a dog is my animal totem then get up……. right now and come lick my hand (she likes to lick my hand) which she did when i askked but i have no idea if its really my animal or just my pet obeying her master

im confuzled (confused)


Elizabeth January 12, 2013 at 8:53 am

Not sure why you’re confused … it sounds pretty clear cut to me!! 🙂


Arvel Bird January 21, 2013 at 8:37 pm

Does anyone know what the totem meaning of a pack of dogs (5) barking at your door means?


Elizabeth January 27, 2013 at 2:49 pm

When more than one animal is showing up, it’s to get your attention! Unconditional love / loyalty is the area you are to look at, Arvel.


Svetlana February 2, 2013 at 3:57 pm

We’ve moved a few times and it seems everywhere we go there is a black Labrador next door, often a nuisance, because they bark (usually it frustrates us not because of the inconvenience to us, but because we understand that the dog doesn’t receive what it needs — good amount of exercise, they are usually cooped up at home alone all day, no wonder that when they are let outside they bark incessantly). This morning my husband ran into a black lab that seemed to be lost, no leash or color, we posted signs and let it stay with us for a while before we found his owners (other neighbors across the street who just recently adopted this Lab — we have three black labs in our immediate vicinity now, literally two houses next to us and one right across the street). I can’t ignore it anymore…. Any thoughts? Thank you!!


Elizabeth February 20, 2013 at 7:48 am

I do believe the Black Lab is, at the very least, a teaching guide for you. Loyalty and compassion are coming to the forefront.


Bryce May 20, 2013 at 8:07 pm

I have always wondered what my spirit animal is. I have always wanted a cool, unique wild animal to be it but recently I have been seeing a lot of dog traits in me. Loyalty to my friends even when things get tough and to stand by their side when something bad happens and even protecting them in times of need. I just am not sure if I am right or just trying to hard to find my spirit animal that I am giving myself traits that I don’t really have. If anyone could help that would be greatly appreciated!


Elizabeth June 9, 2013 at 9:46 am

You can always book a reading with me, Bryce! 🙂


Sarah May 31, 2013 at 7:16 pm

I had a dream that a dog/human walked up to me on two legs with suckling puppies attached to its body. It was male and female, looked vaguely like a Chow, and could walk, talk, and smile like a human. It exuded love, warmth, joyful happiness, and good humor. In the dream, I knew it was something else ( a god?) in the form of a dog. It was going to give me one of its puppies, and I was looking around for the one I wanted when it smiled, handed me a white terrier with a brown eye patch, and said “Langston has chosen you.” When I woke up from this very profound dream, I felt I had met my spirit guide.


StrugglingSpirit December 6, 2013 at 1:06 pm

I saw my animal spirit, almost like a reflection of myself, in a dream. It was a large black ragged cur with a beautiful gold collar around it’s neck. The collar had all these gemstones around it’s frame. I could make out a heart shaped ruby and a silver cross. It was causing it pain but it was irremovable.

I had tried attempting to reach the spirit tree but I was attacked by a back of wild dogs at its entrance. I decided to leave and explore the rest of the forest around me and I found him in a clearing. He was aggressive at first but then he became docile as I approached. It is funny to see the similarities because I have unconditional, almost naive, love for others even those who let me down. It causes me a lot of unbearable pain. The world around me gnaws at my soul but I have yet to be broken. I know my spirit wants to be wild and aggressive but I am grounded by this love and my Catholic faith. To me the “collar” is the greatest thing that defines me and I feel any attempt to break it would kill me, but I also have a wild side fighting to roam freely. I treat others to the best of my ability but I smoke, drink, and in the process I hurt myself. This and the pain are the ragged side to me. I exhibit all the loving qualities of a dog but now they seem to cause more pain than I can bear. I will continue to groom my spirit and perfect it. I must accept that it has been domesticated but the process is taking it’s toll on me.


Angel January 23, 2014 at 11:22 am

Hello, I have been having so many lucid dreams lately! The latest, I cant seem to interpret. Maybe you could help me? A woman walked into a room and I was sitting there and suddenly a chihuahua was there too (it looked just like my own, and thats what I exclaimed to the woman!) I realized the dog was spirit and the woman was there for me to connect to her dog. Then there were more chihuahuas and maybe one or two other small breed type of dog. I asked the woman if she had more then one dog and she said no but there were many other people in the other room waiting to see me. Then I woke up… I know this dream had some kind of meaning but I cant find it or figure it out. Please help if you can.


Elizabeth January 26, 2014 at 9:22 am

Feel free to book a reading so that we can get your questions answered.


Sunil February 15, 2014 at 11:40 am

This subject was unknown to me until last week when I was working on my laptop late night , feeling sleepy on my chair and suddenly I “saw” a nice looking , friendly dog at my side looking at me! It was like a flash but it was crystal clear. Since then I feel his divine presence even while am driving. Yesterday night I started searching on this subject which drove me to your website. How can I ask help from my spirit totem? I want to see him again -what should I do.? I am very spiritual and I religiously follow and love my hindu religion but I deeply respect all other religions because I believe that all rivers flow to the unique ocean.I believe and feel presence of angels and archangels. Coming back to the spirit totem ;I wish to stay connected with my friendly spiritual dog. please help. Thank you.


bart February 19, 2014 at 8:39 pm

I have had some crazy strange things happen alot lately. …went out driving for no real reason (snow on ground)… I heard u a dog will seek u out….hour or so later still driving around out n the middle of no wear we come upon a crossroad. this crossroad sat a dog that kinda reminded me of the dog Benji…it was just sitting there like it was waiting for something or someone….I had my friend and my daughter w me and they both said, u just said a dog would seek u out…I shrugged and blew it off…it looked cold so I opened the door to the van and it trotted right over to me..didn’t hesitate a up on side of inside of door…I reached out my hand so it could smell me…it nudged my hand 3 times…I opened it and it linked me 3 times..looked at me like I was supposed to understand..jumped down..turned around to look at me one more time and began trotting back to where it came from with a purpose…that is the last time I have seen it until tonight…except it showed up in a picture that was taken of me…In the background in glass u can plainly see a scene and no denying what the pictures r…it is me and my fiance with the dog right in front of me as though a portrait with what appears to b a lighthouse next to the river (he is a tugboat capt) there appears to b a fire or extreme bright light on boat…..I have had dreams and visions of an accident with him on boAt that has no good outcome….I have warned him of what I have seen since I saw it and then dropped it not wanting to scare him….I am not crazy and I don’t need meds….I have seen many strange things most of my life and what I c happens alot….I was wondering I f you could tell what me what the dog is trying to tell me…whole situation is bizarre. …to much has been seen in front of witnesses to deny any of it and now ot is showing up n pictures to …thanks in advance


robert villani May 3, 2014 at 1:43 pm

I have a emotional issue that is killing me for the last 5 months. It’s a long story.but I’ll try and shorten it. About 15 years ago I was working as a driver for DHL in upstate NY when on my delivery route a lady had two Austrailian Sheepard puppies in a box they were 4 weeks old (residential,and white) the red one had her head seated in the corner seam of the box looking up with little eyes. I took the puppy knowing my wife would not want it but I could not leave it there. After my wife yelled at me bring it home I took the part of owner and named her Chuwee after Star Wars character. I never, ever had to hit, yell or discipline harshly to raise it I took her to the park every weekend feed her the best we could not be separated when I would go away at a short time my wife said she would sit at the door and howl. My wife died when she was 13. And now it was me and Chuwee alone until I meet michele who lives in Buffalo and I would travel by train to see her and I fell in love and her. Daughter was A DVD it took a year for the child to accept me. Michele was having it hard making ends meet so I packed up a truck with Chuwee and drove the 400 miles to live with her and Marrissa (daughter) it wasn’t long after that for some reason Michele resented the dog and would complain and argue with me about her . Chuwee at 15 years old was during and Michele would get. Angry if I comfort the dog when I told her she has about 5 months to live just let me take care of her and when she passes more pets. But she was so unfeeling about it did not see how much the dog meant when she was there for me alone. Well I put her down and I was crushed and not even a I sorry for Chuwee or anything so I left Michele in such a hurt. Condition because she didn’t even have enough care about one thing I asked for her to be patient with love Michele and got double hurt because I wanted to give my dog comfortable life and the woman I loved would not acknowledge that feeling. I had to write this because I can’t shake the feeling hoping someone had similar situation and got through it.


Janne May 7, 2014 at 9:58 pm

Hi there,

At dusk today I was sitting on my computer in my cabin in the woods in BC. Not much comes up here as I am fairly isolated. I heard a creak, creak on the deck and turned around to see a hunched over black dog with white and blue husky eyes staring at me. The dog held my eye contact for a few minutes- it was not friendly or inviting. I feel if the door was open the animal would of came inside. It could of been curious but I felt it was aggressive and intrusive.

I work with stray dogs in Guatemala and dedicate alot of time towards dogs. I love dogs more than people. This was the first time I have felt afraid of an animal.

What would aggressive dog symbolize?




Rick Lopez July 21, 2014 at 11:55 am

I recently lost my 10 year old schaunzer on July 4, 2014. He had CANCER and we were waiting after the 4th to have a biospy down on July 7th – but he did not make it. It was so quick – my baby boy has broken my heart and left me. As soon as he passed away – we wait at least two hours for the Vet to open their offices to have him cremated. That nite – when all my friends left – i stayed at the crying my eyes – since i adopted Zach when he was 3 months old – never had a Male Dog – he loved me and i loved him. But that nite – everyone left – and i closed all the doggie doors down and then i laid there on the couch = and i heard the doggie doors being pushed like something wanted to come in – i went to the doggie doors and nothing – later that even – my door bell rang once – i looked outside and nothing – as i was falling asllep – i heard dog steps on my bed. It really freaked me – reason being – i have always had dog over the years and nothing like this has ever happened to me. But now – he shows up everynite and waits till i fall asleep and then leaves till the next evening – Do i have to do something ? Will he eventually go on to the next life ? he brings me comfort and my heart is still broken – This friday will be a month. A friend called to check on his ashes – they informed her that they are not ready – i am thinking = once the ashes shows up to home that he will cross over – i really dont – know – does anyone out there can help me – I am begging – please let me know – what i need to do or leave it as is. Dont plan to get another dog anytime soon – till Zach tells me its ok. PLEASE HLEP – IN EAST TEXAS. Rick


Elizabeth August 5, 2014 at 5:49 am

Please book a reading and I’d love to help you talk to Zach.


Christine Coletta August 5, 2014 at 11:03 pm

I just had to put my dog Morbid down due to cancer on July 10th, the day after her 6th B-Day!! The vet and his assistant both said they’d NEVER seen a cancer get so bad so fast in their 25+ years!! I did this Animal Totem journey last year and my dog Morbid was the animal I saw. My question now is….What now? I’m so lost without her. It was pretty much just her and I all the time. I’m devastated, and its ONLY getting WORSE, instead of better.


Laurie M. September 7, 2014 at 12:21 am

My husband & I are generally cat people, but last winter I Really wanted to get a dog after seeing a blogger having a lot of fun doing everything with her small dog. January I found an ad online for miniature poodle who needed to be re-homed & we brought him home. He has been a great companion, but it seemed kind of weird that I’d suddenly want a dog.


John October 8, 2014 at 6:07 pm

I would love to call but i’m living in japan.
I’ve had a reoccuring dream that a huge beige dog (looks like a kind of shaggy, oversized grey hound) just grabs my leg with his mouth. its not really a bite, he just simply holds on to me; if i move there’s a lot of pressure from his teeth though but it doesnt really hurt… its just annoying. he kind of smiles and just won’t let go. the only way to get him off is to pry him off with my fingers but if i get within 6 inches of him he simply latches on again. like i said, i’ve had this dream multiple times and its always the same (same dog, too). Thank you for any response.


Linda October 11, 2014 at 1:20 am

I have spent most of my free time with my friend’s dog, Nikko, for the last 11 months. Moved in with her after I moved for a new job and it didn’t work out. Nikko was the kindest pit-bull I have ever met. He loved everyone and every animal. When I would take him to the dog park, he would run up to every other dog as if to say “Hey! how you doin? Everything ok? Life is GREAT, isn’t it?!” The rest of his family was just as close to him too. I admit, he did help me hibernate from society for a “moment” and it felt good to just get off the proverbial roller-coaster….Then I decided to transfer to another store for my job to be closer to my children & grandchildren. I am going to be moving next month. This past Tuesday Nikko was hit by a truck right in front of our house….it was just horrible to see and it plays over & over in my head (I can’t stop it). He died in the yard right in front of the house. We rushed him to the ER vet & they tried to revive him, but there was to much internal damage. This was the 3rd day after he died and a full moon….I went out to where he was (I could feel him there waiting & wagging his tail….weird, I know) I told him that he couldn’t stay here anymore and that he needed to go into the light….I sent reiki healing to him and then walked him towards the moon light between 2 trees and he disappeared. He wasn’t even my dog, yet I feel like part of me went with him, and I just can’t make any sense of why this happened. Everyone he was close to is feeling the same way (they all have their own stories with him) including his owner & my best friend. She rescued Nikko from the humane society a couple of years ago. We buried him in the back yard last night and everyone in the family was here (including her ex!) His owner is feeling incredibly guilty because she feels like it was her responsibility to keep him safe…but he was just doing what he always did…run across the street to smell the neighbor’s grass, then run back to our yard (and this is by no means a very busy street…maybe 3 cars in a night will drive by). I know animals come into our lives to teach us or get us through something…..but when they leave so fast….what is that all about?????
I am a healer and know that everything happens for a reason…..but I am just to close to this situation to look outside of it and see what is really going on. Would greatly appreciate your insight here…
~with gratitude~


vanessa November 2, 2014 at 3:48 pm

I took a picture of my front room once and put it on a mediums page on fb and they said i had 2 dogs that were very close to me. One is always by my side, licking my feet and stuff and ive just read this article and i can relate to everything said and i feel i have every single trait listed on here.
How can i find out if these dogs are my totem? How can i connect more with these animals that are always with me?


Veena January 23, 2017 at 1:07 pm

We have 2 female dogs, and so we always have puppies, and always I get attached to one if them and we keep it, and then always something goes wrong and it dies, too many times now, why does this happen, it makes me so sad


Maya March 16, 2017 at 8:05 am

Hi! I would be really grateful if you could guide me about the strange happenings in my life since two weeks. Earlier I wasn’t paying much attention until yesterday a dog died in front of me. This really pain me. So since two weeks I’m coming across different animals and situations:
1. A bird who died in the middle of the road hit by a vehicle. I put him aside to avoid others running over said a little prayer and continue my way.
2. A friend dog was bleeding profusely he came to ask help to me which i obviously i did. I brought him to my usual vet.
3. A stray puppy on the road nearly came under my car. I gave him water but i couldn’t bring him home i was sad for him.. tried coming back to fetch him but he was not there.
4. I saw 2 pigeons looking at each other very closely as if kissing
5. I keep seeing birds on trees from my balcony.. birds on the roof of my neighbours
6. Hear crows (though i used to) but louder than usual
7. A cat crossing my road..thank god i could avoid hitting him
8. Yesterday a dog was hit by a van in front of me. I saw the brutal way of his he got under the van and was projected infront of my car. I stopped right there preventing others to run over. I managed to get help to pull him on side so that vehicles dont run over him. I said a prayer and he died there. I stayed with him for some moment until i felt he was no more. I was very sad.. and this was the declic. I started readibg of what’s happening.

Well I’m going through bad phase for sure but please help me to understand the messages. I felt bad for the dog who died. As if he had to die for me to wake up? 😢 Well I hope you won’t ask me to go for any paid reading or something because all I need at this moment is genuine help. I’m just tired of a sick world.. thank you and hoping to read from you.


Amy April 12, 2017 at 3:12 pm

For the last two years I had several dreams about my dog. He was stolen from me by a terrible person, after he had me there for him for 5 years prior. I had no idea where he was, if he was alive, if he was abused or thought of me. The worst was thinking he was dead and he was like my child. Two years passed and I dreamt of finding him, holding him and being with him again. Only to wake up knowing the worst was possible. Then that movie with the dog that’s spirit kept coming back and found his owner came out. I thought maybe he’ll find me. Then the song from 50 shades darker came out and the sentence ” until you come back home” made me feel the loss so much more. But the song kept playing any time I turned on the radio. That week I get a message. My dog was found and about to be taken to the pound. Omg he’s alive I said. He’s ok. Huge worry and weight lifted off me and I couldn’t believe it was real. Then I got to hold him and now he’s in a safe place. What does this mean? The strong vivid dreams of my dog and two years later I see these signs and he finds his way back.


Lisa August 21, 2017 at 4:08 pm

We were on lake in rural area right before eclipse, a dog came running out of forest, drank some lake water,looked at us and ran away! Felt like it was a message somehow


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